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Teaching Tricks 1

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An Entire Unit with Student Samples

How many items can your remember in your short term memory?... at AnswerGarden.ch.


Ask Yourself

• What do you want your students to know when this is all over?


<---  • Is the tech I'm using really worth it? or How can I supplement a non-tech lesson with tech extensions?


• Do the things I'm teaching in this unit have any real life application?  or Am I filling their heads with mindless drivel?


Review (needs to be refined)


Assessment (Question bank from which I draw questions)












Now make your own list and test it with a partner.


Supplement 1                      Supplement 2                   Supplement 3


In class assignment with a google site

We needed to cover a lot of information in a short amount of time.  Spring break was going to overtake our unit, and I didn't want to straddle the unit across the break.  This allowed us to cover all the information quickly and efficiently (2 birds, one stone).  While we didn't get as in depth as we might have otherwise, it was very productive.








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